Scholorship Award Will Be Presented During Concert This Year 

A winner of 2010 Circle Wind Scholoarship Award will be officially announced during the concert this year and the presentation will follow. Maestro Gregory Singer and Concert Director Mike Shirota have already decided the winner, but it is agreed that the announcement and presentation should be made during 9.11 Memorial Concert this year.


Thank you for your donation to Circle Wind Fund ! 

Thank you very much for your contribution to the Circle Wind Scholorship Fund. During the concert, a total sum of $372.20 was donated. The DVD of 2010 concert will be ready very soon and the amount of its sales will be added to the Fund. Mr. Gregory Singer and I are narrowing down the candidates of recipient for this year who will be announced as soon as decided.


Support Circle Wind Scholarship Fund ! 

The 9.11 Circle Wind Memorial Concert has been made possible by the artists who are willing to participate as volunteers. There are also many promising artists out there who are given remarkable gifts of music. But some of them are financially struggling on the brink of giving up their career. We hope that we could extend support to such young artists and have decided to establish The Circle Wind (Kazenowa) Fund in memories of a number of 9.11 victims who loved music.
We would really appreciate your understanding and your warm support to the Fund. It should serve as powerful encouragement to those who are struggling but never giving up their dreams.
The donation box will be located on a table in the reception area of the Ethical Culture Concert Hall during the concert. All the money donated at the concert will be awarded to a person who will be selected by Mike Shirota, Music Producer of the concert, and Gregory Singer, Music Director of Manhattan Symphonie.


9.11風の環メモリアルコンサートはボランティアの方々のご協力で成り立っています。出演していただくアーティストの皆さんも全員ボランティアです。 若手音楽家の中には才能がありながら経済的な理由で自分の楽器さえ購入できなかったり活動が著しく制約されている人もたくさんいます。私たちはそのような有能な音楽家を少しでも支援したいと考え「風の環」奨学基金を創設することにしました。