Artists from Japan Quake Areas Joining to 4th Annual Concert 

The fourth annual Circle Wind Memorial Concert, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the 9.11 tragedy and the recent 3.11 earthquake and tsunami that devastated northeastern Japan, will be held at the New York Society for Ethical Culture Concert Hall, 2 West 64th Street at Central Park West, on Saturday, September 10th, 2011 at 7.00pm. Doors open at 6.30pm. Tickets are $10.

The first half of the concert will feature leading Japanese artists, including J-Pop star Kiyotaka (from Sendai, now living in New York), who has sold over a half million albums in Japan; leading female pop singer-song writer hinaco (from Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima), whose "Nakigao Smile" is the theme song for the award-winning Nippon TV serial drama "Mother"; Miki Baby (from Minami-Sanrikucho, Miyagi), who has popularized Jamaican reggae throughout Japan; and Kayo Hiraki (from Chiba), an acclaimed jazz pianist who has sold out shows at the Blue Note.

Japan Choral Harmony (JCH), a choral group led by Masaki (Mike) Shirota, a Circle Wind founder originally from Sendai and Ricako Asanuma, a pianist originally from Iwate, will also appear during the first half of the concert. JCH will perform "Believing Tomorrow", an inspirational song that has come to symbolize hope for tsunami victims and their families, after the chorus group of Hachiken Middle School in Sendai had sung the song to encourage the people being sheltered in the school gymnasium.
JCH recently performed at Carnegie Hall with the HAGI Choir from Sendai, Japan.

The second half of the concert will feature Gregory Singer's Manhattan Symphonie, a New York symphony orchestra led by maestro Gregory Singer, performing Smetana's "Moldau" and Sibelius's "Finlandia". The orchestra is comprised of young virtuoso musicians eager to make their mark as well as seasoned veterans of the three Lincoln Center orchestras. Maestro Singer chose Moldau and Finlandia for this year's Circle Wind because each is a symphonic expression of deep love for one's homeland. Finlandia will comprise the concert finale, and will be played with members from JCH and Men's Glee Club of New York.

The Circle Wind Memorial Concert was originally conceived to commemorate those who lost their lives on 9.11, including victims from over 90 countries and 24 victims from Japan. The event has attracted leading artists, and is regularly attended by a number of victims' family members. In view of the devastation caused by the recent earthquake and tsunami, the concert's role has been expanded to include commemoration of 3.11 victims.
The concert MC is Ms. Nozomi Terao, founder of Happy Doll, a New York-based nonprofit organization whose recent efforts have focused on Japanese tsunami relief.

"Circle Wind is a concert where we can commemorate 9.11 and 3.11 as we experience beautiful, healing music," said Mike Shirota. "We're especially pleased with the quality of this year's program, as many Circle Wind artists are major stars in Japan. The fact that they come from the stricken area makes their apperarances all the more meaningful."

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Online ticket purchse : www.SQMUS.com
Additional program info : http://kazenowa911.blog6.fc2.com

被災地出身アーティストが集結!ー テロ10周年の風の環コンサート 


今年で4年目を迎える「9.11風の環追悼コンサート」は来る9月10日(土曜)7.00pmより昨年同様64丁目セントラルパーク西にある Ethical Cultureコンサートホールで開かれる。入場料は10ドル。あのテロから10周年にあたる今年は日本からも多数のご遺族の参加が期待されている。


このコンサートの常連であるNY男声グリークラブに加えて、今回のコンサートではホスト役として今年NYで結成された混声合唱団の“日本合唱ハーモニー(JCH)”が参加する。去る5月20日に被災地仙台の合唱団「萩」を迎えてカーネギーホールにて開催された“みちのく震災支援、日米合唱チャリティコンサート”は記憶に新しいが (www.japanuschorus.org)、その時JCHは萩とステージをともにした。そのJCHの指導者は仙台出身で、ピアノ伴奏は岩手県出身のピアニスト。そして団員には福島県や宮城県を中心とした被災地出身者が多数在籍している。今回JCHがステージの最後に歌うのは混声合唱曲「あすという日が」。合唱コンクール全国大会の常連として知られる仙台市若林区の八軒中学校合唱部が、大震災でコンクール出場を断念、同校に避難している被災者を前にこの曲を歌い元気づけたという。その様子がNHKでも放映されたことから日本中の人々に感動と「日本復興」への想いを伝えている。






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風の環コンサート今年は9月10日に開催 ! 

今年で4回目となる「9.11風の環メモリアルコンサート」は、昨年および一昨年同様9月10日にマンハッタン64丁目の NY Society for Ethical Culture コンサートホールで開かれる。あの忌まわしい同時多発テロから10周年にあたる今年のコンサートには日本からも多数のご遺族が参加する予定だ。今年も昨年同様、グレゴリーシンガー氏が率いるマンハッタン・シンフォニー・オーケストラが第二部でクラシックを演奏する。予定されている曲目は、スメタナ作曲の「モルダウ」とシベリウス作曲の「フィンランディア」。いずれも祖国愛を高らかに歌い上げた交響詩でその美しい主旋律が特徴だ。「フィンランディア」は今年公募で新たに結成された日本人を中心とするJapan Choral Harmony(混声合唱団)がオーケストラと共に合同演奏する。また東日本大震災の犠牲者のためにグレゴリー氏が作曲した追悼曲も披露される予定だ。

Circel Wind Concert Will be Held on September 10th This Year !

The 4th Annual 9.11 Circle Wind Memorial Concert will be held on September 10, 2011 at New York Society Ethical Culture Concert Hall located at 64th Street and Central Park West this year. This is the 10th Anniversary since the devastating tragedy and a number of families of Japanese victims will also attend the concert from Japan. Once again, Gregory Singer and Manhattan Symphonie Orchestra will be performing "Die Moldau" by Smetana and "Finlandia" by Sibelius. Each of them is well known as one of the best symphonic poem with full of patriotism to the homeland along with the beatiful melody. Manhattan Symphonie will be accompanied by Japan Choral Harmony, a newly organized mixed choir recruited by Japanese community papaers this year, in the performance of "Finlandia". A memorial piece composed by Gregory Singer to dedicate the victims who lost their lives in the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan will also be introduced.