第2回「ともに虹を探そうコンサート」 準備OK!! 

第二回「ともに虹を探そうコンサート」 女性陣は艶やかな着物姿で第一、第二ステージを務めました。長時間をかけて着付けをし髪を結いあげました。「ミチ美容室」の皆さん、ご協力本当にありがとうございました。



第2回ともに虹を探そうコンサート お疲れ様!! 

JCH混声合唱団“とも”のリサイタル:「第2回ともに虹を探そうコンサート」が12月2日アッパーウエストの教会で開かれました。女性陣は艶やかな着物姿で登場。大好評でした。テーマソング「ともに虹を探そう」を歌った後は、第1ステージは「津軽海峡冬景色」「若い季節」「心もよう」「ハナミズキ」などの歌謡曲シリーズ。第2ステージは古典的な混声合唱組曲「心の四季」を熱唱。休憩の後はゲストが次々と登場。風の環少年少女合唱団の子供たち、日本クラブ男声合唱団、そして風の環室内アンサンブルが素晴らしい演奏を披露してくれました。最後のステージは今年がバーンスタイン生誕100周年であることを記念して、風の環室内アンサンブルの伴奏に合わせてウエストサイドストーリーから5曲をメドレーで熱唱しました。そしてアンコールはマスカーニ「アヴェマリア」。フィナーレは振付を入れて「北酒場」を歌いました。指揮者そしておじさんメンバーたちも振付よく頑張りましたね。今年の活動の集大成ともいえる最高に盛り上がったコンサートでした。 観客と一体になって楽しめた素敵な演奏会でしたね。皆さん、ご苦労様!







Donation Presented to Kokoro Smile Project 

Donation collected during the 11th Circle Wind Concert in the amount of 250,000 Japanese Yen was hand-delivered to Ms. Shimura, President of Kokoro Smile Project located at Hebita district, Ishinomaki, Miyagi on October 16, 2018. The amount represents $1,154 mostly given by the audience of 9.12 concert plus additional amount matched by NPO Circle Wind Memorial Concert.

2018 Kokoro smile寄付金贈呈
Shirota visited Kokoro Smile on Oct. 16 in Ishinomaki and directly delivered Japanese Yen 250,000 to Ms. Shimura to support their grief-care activities .for children and mothers who lost their families.

Girls from Tomares Visited Ikuei Japanese School 

Choir members of Escolania de Tomares, Seville, Spain who were invited to participate in the 11th Annual Circle Wind Concert held on September13, 2018, paid a visit to Ikuei Japanese Children's School in New Jersey on September 14. It started with Principal Mr. Okamoto's welcome speech in Spanish and various performances by Ikuei students followed. Girls of Tomares also demonstrated their wonderful performances by singing and dancing by return. They sang "Akai Hana, Shiroi Hana ( Red Flowers, White Flowers ) together and played together at the playground. They really enjoyed the company of this special and unique culture exchange program. Some of the Japanese students with Ikuei School are scheduled to fly to Seville next spring as a member of Circle Wind Boys & Girls to participate in another culture exchange program there and will meet the girls of Excolania de Tomares in Seville again.


2018 TomIkuei 2

2018 TomIkuei 3

2018 TomIkuei 6

2018 TomIkuei 4

2018 TomIkuei 7

What Magnificent Performances !! 

What remarkable and magnificent performances we have seen at the 11th annual Circle Wind Concert !
All the performers, thank you so much for your participation and such memorable performances. Thanks to you the concert was a great success ! We are very proud of you guys.

Here are some of the performances by the artists during their stages2018 concert COBU2L
COBU, dynamic performances of Japanese traditional drums and modern pop dances

2018 concert BG L
Circle Wind Boys & Girls Choir sang a traditional Japanese children song , Natu wa Kinu

2018 concert Tomares L
Escolania de Tomares showed maginificent performance with traditional flamenco dance.

2018 concert JCH L
Japan Choral Harmony TOMO sang an American standard song "Dream" with its own arrangement and a few pieces of West Side Story

2018 concert ensemble L
Circle Wind Chamber Ensemble makes its debut at the concert receiving overwhelming applause.

2018 concert finale L
Gorgeous finale singing Hanawa Saku with all the participants.