Two More Shots 

In the greenroom and at JFK

2019 greenroom w JCH girls low
2019 Harahara leaving JFK


Behind the Scenes 

Here are some photos behind the concert stage and off the stage;

2019 Asako JCH ゲネプロ
2019 Abe Hiromiゲネプロ
2019 concert gasha low
2019 concert Mike ゲネプロlow
2019 concert receptionいざ立てlow
2019 Asako Ensemble JCHゲネプロ
2019 Ensemble Asako ゲネプロ
2019 concert greenroom1
2019 BG ゲネプロ2
2019 HaraHaraゲネプロ
2019 Miharaゲネプロ
2019 BG ゲネプロ
2019 jchゲネプロlow
2019 jchゲネプロ2low
2019 ゲネプロ全体

Donation Delivered to Ishinomaki Daily Children News (Hibi Kodomo Shinbun) 

Donation collected during the 2019 Annual Circle Wind Concert in the amount of $2,118.22 (Japanese Yen 230,000) was delivered to Ms. Michiko Ota, Managing Director of Ishinomaki Hibi Kodomo Shimbun at a Japanese restaurant in Sendai, Japan on Sep 17, 2019.

2019 donation to Kodomo Hibishinbun

12th Annual Concert Applauded in Big Success ! 

The 12th Circle Wind Concert was held at Merkin Hall of Kaufman Music Center in New York City on September 11, 2019 with the attendance of Mr. & Mrs. Sumiyama from Japan who lost their son at 9.11 tragedy 18 years ago. All the performers did a wonderful job and the concert was completed with big applause and standing ovation. We appreciate the big support and encouragement by all the people involved with this project. Thank you, everyone, for your big support !

2019 concert BG2
New performance by the Circle Wind Boys & Girls Choir

2019 concert HaraHara
Soft and elegant harmony of men's 4 voices by the HaraHara Singers from Higasi Matsushima, Japan

2019 concert JCH
Ave Maria of Tomas Victoria performed by the Japan Choral Harmony, TOMO

2019 concert asako finale
Asako Tamura with Circle Wind Chamber Ensemble

2019 concert time to say goodbye
Asako singing "Time to Say Goodbye"

2019 concert mike greetings
Mike Shirota made a greeting before the final encore

2019 concert encore2
Asako, JCH and Ensemble performing the final encore, Ave Maria by Mascagni

2019 concert standing ovation
Standing ovation by the big audience after the encore

Asako Tamura Appears on 12th Circle Wind Concert ! 

HaraHara Singers Will Be Coming from Higashi-Matsushima, Japan

The Circle Wind Concert, commemorating 9.11 tragedy in 2001 and 3.11 tsunami disaster in Japan in 2011, will be held at Kaufman Music Center, Merkin Hall at 129 67th Street starting 6:30pm.
This year we will welcome a world acclaimed soprano soloist, Asako Tamura. Her many appearances in orchestral concerts around the world include the one with The Three Tenors, Domingo, Pavarotti and Carreras. Masterpieces of Ave Maria written by different composers are her signature songs and we are fortunate to have her on our stage this time. Japan Choral Harmony TOMO will collaborate with her in some of the Ave Maria songs.
Also featured will be Yurika Mihara, an acclaimed pianist in New York, and HaraHara Singers from Higashi-Matsushima, Miyagi, one of the most heavily devastated areas hit by the Great East-Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011.They have been active in a number of events to support the victims for recovering from the devastation.

The Circle Wind Boys & Girls Choir will host the concert along with Japan Choral Harmony TOMO as well as the Circle Wind Chamber Ensemble as they did last year. Kyoko Gasha, senior producer of Thomson Reuters and film director, will be the MC for the night. Donations made during the concert will be delivered to The Children's Future Institute, Miyagi Prefecture, that has been supporting the children in the devastated areas by 3.11 tsunami by way of publishing a children's newspaper periodically.

2019 concert flyer very low