Press Clippings from Japanese Newspapers 日本での報道 

So many media came to the concert to report it to Japanese people in Japan and NY area.
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The Japan Times on Sep.13, 2009
9月13日Japan Times

8月22日 週刊NY生活

9月8日 読売新聞

9月9日 デイリーサン

9月10日 デイリースポーツ
9月10日 デイリースポーツ

9月12日 朝日新聞

9月12日 下野新聞

9月16日 デイリーサン
9月16日 デイリーサン

9月19日 週刊NY生活
9月19日 週刊NY生活


DVD of 2009 Concert Available ! 

Verry sorry to have kept you waiting.
The DVD of 2009 Kazenowa Memorial Concert is finally available.
Please order by e-mail indicating your name and address clearly.
(Suggested donation: $20)

2009年 風の環メモリアルコンサートのDVDが完成しました。

See the Great Performances !  2009年コンサート・ギャラリー 

To see the pictures, please click "kazenowa concert pictures" below.
下記写真の下にある"kazenowa concert pictures"をクリックするとギャラリーに入れます。

2009 Kazenowa Concert Pictures
kazenowa concert pictures

Thank you, all !! 

Again, it was a tremendous success!
Thank you very much for coming to our concert.  I am sure that you all have enjoyed it. As a participant, each of you made a significant contribution to this concert. I would extend our sincere appreciation to you on behalf of all of my associates who have dedicated themselves to the concert.
I also appreciate the artists who voluntarily participated to this concert. You guys were terrific.
Everyone of you received big applause. You really deserve it. The venue also made a difference.
It was a unique but enjoyable concert where a victim's mother played a piano in a duo to perform a song written by her husband.
I believe that we could deliver some message to people both in US and Japan through a number of media who have reported our concert.
I really look forward to seeing you all next year.

Pictures of the concert will be posted soon.
Also, DVD is now being copied. For those who ordered the DVE, please be patient. I will send you as soon as it is ready.
DVD is still available. Please place an order by email if you like to have one. It is free (suggested donation: $20).



Tsuneyosi Saito Dedicating a New Music to The Concert  

One of the most popular and active music producers and composers in Japan, Tsuneyosi Saito, is writing a new music for the concert. It is titled as "Nuages Roses", meaning "clouds of roses"to be dedicated to the victims and their families of 9.11.
He will play the piece collaborating with a flutist, Eriko Fukui, at the concert. His participation to the concert is decided just recently.
Mr. Saito has been very active in Japan in producing musicals, plays and ballet music as well as composing a number of songs for animations and CMs. He is also known as a member of the trio, Kryzler & Kompany, that was formed while he was studying at Tokyo University of the Arts with Taro Hakase and Yoshinobu Takeshita (both are also popular and active in Japan).

[斎藤 恒芳氏が新曲を発表! ]

ミュージカルやバレー音楽そして数々のアニメソングやCMソングで人気の音楽プロデューサー、斎藤恒芳氏の参加が決まった。本コンサートのために作曲した“Nuages Roses (バラの雲)"をフルートの福井恵利子さんとともに自らピアノ演奏する。この曲は先に出演が決まった福井さんの要望に答えて作られたものでつい数日前に完成。今回の9.11コンサートで初披露される。