2nd Concert Will Be At NYSEC Concert Hall ! 

2009 Concert Will Be At NSEC Auditorium!

2nd annual concert of 911 Kazenowa (Circle Wind) Memorial Concert is now decided to be held at New York Society of Ethical Culture, Concert Hall. It is in a historic building built in 1910 and renovated in 2003. The New Yorker magazine once praised the hall as "The best home for chamber music in the area with warm, full acoustics". It is also well known as a venue for choir music due to the superb sound effect. I still remember that New York Men's Choir used to have its annual concerts at this auditorium in every winter, and gave a fantastic harmony to audiences with its 50+ male voices. It is expected again this year that a number of active music artists from Japan and New York will be participating to this concert and their professional performances are now assured at this venue. It is located at the heart of upper west side of NYC, right next to Central Park and just off one block from Lincoln Center. Convenient to all transportation and parking.




第二回となる今年の9.11風の環メモリアルコンサートは NY Ethical Cultureコンサートホールでの開催が決まった。このホールは1910年に建造された歴史的な建物の中にあり、2003年に修築されている。かつて「ニューヨーカー」誌が“その暖かい音響から室内楽ではNYではこの会場に勝る所はない”と絶賛したほどである。この会場は合唱にも向いている。昔、NY男声合唱団が毎年冬に定期演奏会をここでやっていた。50人を越す男声のハーモニーはまさに圧巻だったのをよく覚えている。