Thank You for Your Donation 

Thank you very much for your compassion and generosity.
Sendai Relief Fund have collected the donation during the 4th Annual Circle Wind Concert in the amount of $778.25 and 2,000 Japanese Yen. The donation will be forwarded to either Miyagi Prefecture or Sendai City in Japan later.



Just Wonderful !! 

It was another fastastic performance, and well deserved the commemoration of 10th anniversary !!
I believe everybody loved and enjoyed the concert.
Moldau was beautifully performed. Finlandia was dynamic and the collaboration with the chorus magnified the passion.
Thank you Gregory and all members of Manhattan Symphonie!

Thank you Kiyotaka, Kayo, MikiBaby and hinaco. You were so nice and attracted all the people there, including the families came all the way from Japan. Thank you, all the chorus members from JCH and MGCNY.
You guys made the difference. I am so proud of you.

We were alos so lucky to have wonderful audience. They stayed until the end of concert, although it lasted well over 3 hours.

Thank you everyone ! Will see you next year again.


15 W. 44th Street, New York, NY です。(44丁目の5番と6番の間)