3月6日までの練習日程 (改定) 



1月23日 (月) 男声のみです!!
Riply & Grier Studio, 16K, 520 8th Ave. 37th St.

1月25日 (水) 以降は混声全体練習
Roy Arias Studio, 508, 300 West 43rd St.

2月6日 (月)
Riply & Grier Studio, 16L, 520 8th Ave. 37th St.

2月13日 (月)
Roy Arias Studio, 401C, 300 West 43rd St.

2月15日 (水)
Roy Arias Studio, 401B, 300 West 43rd St.

2月29日 (水)
KPMG Heritage Training Center, Room Park
345 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10154
(between 51st and 52nd Street, Park or Lexington Ave.)

3月5日 (月)
KPMG Heritage Training Center, Room Pine/Nassau

3月6日 (火)
カウフマンセンター、マーキンホール、 67th St. & Broadway


KPMG Heritage Training Center, Room Park

KPMG Heritage Training Center, Room Park

KPMG Heritage Training Center, Room Park

KPMG Heritage Training Center, Room Park

詳細は www.japanuschorus.org でも確認ください。


JCH Will Sing at "Heart of Japan" Symposium & Concert 

Japan Choral Harmony (JCH) who participated in the 4th Annual Circle Wind Concert last September will join and sing at a public symposium and concert titled "Heart of Japan" in March. The event will be held at Merkin Concert Hall of Kaufman Center in New York City on March 6, 2012, commemorating the first anniversary of the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan.

A famous Haiku poet, Madoka Mayuzumi, will talk about Haiku as Japan's culture of silence in Part 1. She will also introduce poems composed by 3.11 quake victims to elucidate what the Haiku form reveals about their percptions of the unprecedented natural disaster, as well as the values that permeate and underlie Japan's culture.

The part 2 will be a panel discussion among Mayuzumi and US-based specialists in Japan studies such as Prof.Carol Gluck of Columbia University that explores whether Japan's "culture of silence" is making a change. They will also discuss which aspects of Japanese society are being transformed and what are remaining the same. Q&A session will follow.

In the last part, a world premier song for the people of Fukushima, who are unlikely to be returning home for many years to come due to the nuclear accident, will be performed by members of Japan Choral Harmony. The choral piece is a collaborative benefit project by Mayuzumi and composer Akira Senju, one of the most popular composers today who has written a number of theme songs for TV series, movies, anime, commercials and documentaries.

Addmission is $10.