Harlem Alumni Ensemble Featured with Dr. Nitobe of BUSHIDO 

The Fifth Annual Circle Wind Concert, commemorating the 9.11 tragedy and last year's 3.11 earthquake and tsunami that devastated northeastern Japan, will be held on Monday, September 10th, 2012 at Kaufman Center Merkin Concert Hall at 129 West 67th Street, New York City. The concert begins at 6.30pm. Doors open at 6.00pm. Tickets are $10.00

The concert will feature performances by The Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem Alumni Ensemble. This choir is comprised of a unique team of veteran members of the acclaimed Boys (Girls) Choir of Harlem which had been thrilling audiences around the world for 40 years. The world-renowned choir who was even called "A Twin Choir with Vienna Boys' Choir" performed at the White House, the United nations and the Vatican. In 2001, Seiji Ozawa, the world-famous conductor, invited them to Japan for a concert tour. The choir ended its activity in 2007 with the death of its founder. But some of the alumni have revived the activity and continued their legacy of vocal and artistic performances that earned worldwide acclaim.

This year's concert will also acknowledge the 150th anniversary of the birth of Japanese scients, educator and writer Dr. Inazo Nitobe, whose classic book, "Bushido; The Soul of Japan" (1900) is among the most influential works ever written by a Japanese author. Nitobe was born in Iwate Prefecture, among the areas most devastated by the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami. Nitobe dedicated his life to US-Japan relations, referring to himself as "A Bridge Across the Pacific." In that spirit, the Harlem Alumni Choir is endeavoring to visit homeless shelters in Iwate Prefecture and perform for people who lost their homes in the Tsunami. We, 9.11 Circle Wind Concert, is playing a key role in "The Pacific Bridge Project", and welcoming sponsors who are willing to support their journey to Japan.

Trio de Zunda (piano, violin, clarinet) will also join the concert who were three young Japanese artists inspired to form a group after visiting New York to see their parents perform at the Japan-US Chorus Charity Concert for Sendai, held at Carnegie Hall last May.

Japan Choral Harmony (JCH) will host the concert and Men's Glee Club of New York (MGCNY) will join it. A few more talented young artists will also participate, including a bariton, Mr. Takaoki Onishi, the grand prize winner of the Giulio Gari International Vocal Competition and the winner of Julliard School's Vocal Arts Honors for 2011-2012.

"This Circle Wind Concert pays tribute to the lasting memory of the 9.11 and 3.11 victims as well as inspiring example of our great ancenstors like Inazo Nitobe as we strive to lead better lives" said Mike Shirota, Circle Wind Concert Director.

Ticket : Box Office of Merkin Concert Hall 212-501-3330
Online ticket purchase : www.kaufman-center.org

Contact: Mike Shirota
973-470-0010 (office), 201-264-5825 (cell)


被災地へとどけ! ハーレム・クワイアのハーモニー (第5回 風の環コンサート) 

今年で5年目を迎える“9.11 風の環コンサート”は来る9月10日(月曜)6.30PM よりWest67丁目のKaufman Center Merkin Concert Hallで開かれる。入場料は10ドル。今年も日本からご遺族をお迎えして地元NYおよび日本で活躍するアーティストが参加する。

このコンサートは昨年から9.11犠牲者と同時に3.11犠牲者に対する追悼コンサートとして企画されているが、今年はメインゲストとしてBoys and Girls Choir of Harlem Alumni Ensembleが登場する。このクワイアはあのウィーン少年合唱団と“双子の合唱団”といわれ、1968年から40年にわたってホワイトハウス、国連、ヴァチカン宮殿をはじめ世界中で演奏活動を続け、小澤征爾も絶賛し2001年に日本に招待したBoys Choir of Harlemが母体となった合唱団である。創始者の他界と共にBoys Choir of Harlemは解散するが、その卒業生たちが新たにAlumni Ensembleを立ち上げ、現在3.11被災者のためのチャリティコンサートなどに積極的に参加している。


他に昨年同様、このコンサートのホスト役として合唱団「とも」(Japan Choral Harmony)やNY男声グリークラブが参加するほか、第1回ジュリアード音楽院声楽オーディションで最優秀賞を受賞したバリトン大西宇宙(タカオキ)氏、そして昨年震災後5月カーネギーホールで開かれた「みちのく震災支援日米合唱チャリティコンサート」に参加した仙台の合唱団「萩」のメンバーのジュニアたち3人で編成するトリオ・ダ・ズンダも日本から駆けつける。


問い合わせ: 白田 201-264-5825 (cell), mike.s@maitake.com

Box Office: Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Center, 129 W. 67th St., NYC
Online Ticket : www.kaufman-center.org