マンハッタン・シンフォニー, 3.11レクイエムを合唱つきで初演! 


日時: 2013年9月11日、18:30開演(18:00開場)
場所: Kaufman Center Merkin Concert Hall, 129 W. 67th Street
Ticket: 10ドル

グレゴリーシンガー氏率いるマンハッタン・シンフォニー・オーケストラがこのコンサートのホスト役であるJapan Choral Harmony(JCH)と「メモリアル・プロセッションナル ~3.11犠牲者のためのレクイエム~ 合唱つき」を共演する。合唱付きの演奏は初めて。ソロはソプラノの宗田舞子さん。


特別ゲストとして女声バーバーショップのカルテット「Harmonics Quartett」の4人が参加。ユニークなハーモニーを聞かせてくれる。この4人はいずれも女性バーバーショップ・コーラスのHarmony Celebration Chorus (HCC)のメンバー。HCCは来る10月19日福島県お母さん合唱連盟のグループを迎えてカーネギー大ホールで開かれる「第二回日米合唱祭 ~福島から世界へ~」にJCHとともにアメリカ側代表として参加する予定だ。

チケットのお問い合わせ:ラマンツ綾 917-902-2212 japan.choral.harmony@gmail.com
チケット購入: Box Office, Merkin Concert Hall 212-501-3330
コンサートのお問い合わせ:白田正樹まで201-264-5825 mike.s@mushroomwisdom.com


6th Annual Concert Features Memorial Processional with Chorus ! 

Gregory Singer and his Manhattan Symphonie are back !!

The Circle Wind Concert will celebrate its sixth annual concert as follows;

Time : September 11, 2013, Wednesday, 18:30 (Doors open at 18:00)
At : Kaufman Center Merkin Concert Hall
129 W. 67th Street, NYC

The concert will feature "Memorial Processional" composed by Maestro Gregory Singer of Manhattan Symphonie Orchestra as a requiem for the 3.11 victims in Japan 2 years ago. This piece has been performed a couple of times already by the orchestra, but the version with chorus will be played for the first time with a collaboration of Japan Choral Harmony "TOMO". A soprano singer, Maiko Souda, will take a solo part in the performance.

Ms. Masayo Ishigure, an expert of the traditional Japanese KOTO, will also play a classic KOTO piece "Tori-no Yoni(Like a Bird)" with the orchestra. As a special guest, a unique women's barbershop quartet "Harmonics Quartet" from New Jersey will join. The quartet members belong to an acclaimed women's barbership chorus group, Harmony Celebration Chorus, who will make its Carnegie debut, on October 19 2013 at 2nd Japan-US Chorus Festival "From Fukushima To The World". This Carnegie event is also sponsored by the NPO 9.11 Circle Wind Concert.

Since I heard the beautiful melody of Gregory's "Memorial Processional" I've always wanted to make its chorus version with lyrics of some strong message." said Michael Shirota, who made the arrangement of chorus version with Japanese lyrics. He continued "Lyrics represent my anger when I visited the devastated site of Okawa Elementary School in Ishinomaki last April, where 74 young lives were lost by the huge tsunami. You can never share the sadness and regrets of parents who lost their own child, but I just wanted to leave a music in my language believing its power of healing and recovery."

Ticket inquiry : Aya Lamont 917-902-2212 japan.choral.harmony@gmail.com
Concert inquiry: Mike Shirota 201-264-5825 mike.s@maitake.com
Ticket purchase: Box Office of Merkin Concert Hall 212-501-3330
Online purchase: www.kaufman-center.org