Thank you for your donation !! 

We thank you for your big contribution. During the concert we received the donation in the amount of $1,354.33 from the audience. Circle Wind NPO will match up the amount to this and will deliver the amount equally to Iidate-Mura in Fukushima and Ishinomaki "Terakoya" school in Miyagi next month.

たくさんの寄付金本当にありがとうございました。おかげさまで総 $1,354.33の寄付金があつまりました。これにNPO「風の環コンサート」からの寄付金を加え、来月合唱団JCHが福島・石巻を訪問する際に責任をもって手渡してきます。


Here are some of the concert pictures !! 

Let me hasten to post a few pictures of 9.11 concert.
A complete photo album including those during rehearsal will soon be posted on Japan Choral Harmony (TOMO) website. www.jch-tomo.org

2014 concert tomo namida2 Low

2014 concert swing 16 2 Low

2014 concert orihara and oe 2 Low


2014 concert children2Low


2014 concert finaleLow


2014 concert MSO and tomo 2 Low


2014 concert hanataba 2 Low

It was awesome !! 

It was a wonderful concert !
Lovely kids of Lyceum Kennedy. Beautiful dance and exquiite touch of piano by Miki Orihara and Senri Oe. Unique sound of Swing 16. And what a dynamic sound of orchestra and choir.! Everything was perfect and I thank all of the participants and audience to make the 7th Circle Wind Concert so successful.
Thank you, Gregory ! Manhattan Symphonie is very powerful and special. We are so happy to perform with you again this year.


2014 concert encore
Concert finale, "Lullaby of the Wind" 「風の子守歌」