Terakoya in Ishinomaki Renovating an Old House 

Met Mr. Takuya Kimura and Ms. Ota of Ishinomaki Terakoya school at a house located in Sanbongi-machi in Miyagi Prefecture on April 13, 2016. They bought an old farmer's house and are now renovating it to a new facility to be used as a lounge or mini-concert hall for their school activities. This is a big project for them and it will take several months to complete. Mr. Kimura, grown up to be a high school student now, says that he is very much looking forward to completion of the renovation as it would be a wonderful space for the terakoya students to have various activities all the time.
NPO, 9.11 Circle Wind Concert, has been supporting the Terakoya school since 2013 and has invited both Takuya and Ms. Ota to the 2nd Japan-US Chorus Festival at Carnegie Hall, New York City in 2013 and to the joint concert held in Sevilla and Coria del Rio in Spain in 2014, commemorating the 400 year anniversary since Hasekura's Keicho Embassy who arrived Spain in 1614.
Pictures will follow.