2nd Film Festival Will Be Held on March 13, 2018 ! 

NPO Circle Wind Memorial Concert will host its 2nd International Film Festival at Nippon Club on March 13, 2018.
The following 2 films will be screened starting 6:00pm.

"Let Our Voice Echo Across Carnegie Hall"
A documentary film featuring choir members who performed at the 10th annual Circle Wind Concert at renowned Carnegie Hall last September to support young victims of 9.11/3.11 disasters who are looking for higher education. The film introduces so many happenings they encountered during their stay in New York.
Director: Lily Rinae

"Life Goes On"
Another documentary focused on several 3.11 victims in Tohoku area since the devastation..
Life endures. It goes on. How resilience, fortitude, and benevolence prevail after the unimaginable disaster. Seven years after the earthquake and tsunami, people stricken by immeasurable loss never give up moving forward.
Director: Yoon Mia


The first Circle Wind International Film Festival was held on September 12, 2015 at Nippon Club following the 8th annual Circle Wind Concert, inviting Never Give-up Taylor Choir from Ishinomaki, Japan and Japon-sans from Coria del Rio, Spain. "Live Your Dream, The Taylor Anderson Story (Director: Regge Life)" and "The 400 Year Long Dream, A Story of Choir "TOMO" in Spain (Director: Kyoko Gasha)" were screened then.


第二回 「風の環」 国際映画祭3月13日に開催! 

9/11,3/11で被災した若者たちを支援するため昨年の第10回風の環コンサートに集結した日本、スペイン、アメリカの各合唱団の合唱にかける思いを描く。Lily Rinae監督
「一陽来復 Life Goes On」

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