Circle Wind Chamber Ensemble will make its debut at 11th Concert 

A newly formed Circle Wind Chamber Ensemble will make its first appearance at the 11th Annual Circle Wind Concert to be held at Merkin Concert Hall of Kaufman Music Center, W. 67th Street, Broadway, New York. Each of these young and active artists based in the New York area has already been acclaimed as a soloist. They will play typical popular classic music, such as Concerto for Two Violins (Bach), The Girl with the Flaxen Hair (Debussy), Canon (Pachelbel) and The Four Seasons (Vivaldi).
Members are as follows;

2018 Sho Omagari Violin v low
Sho Omagari, Violin

2018 Regi Papa Violin v low
Regi Papa, Violin

2018 Alex Shiozaki Violin v low
Alex Shiozaki, Violin

2018 AnnSunHyungKim
Ann SunHyung Kim, Violin

2018 Nicole Wright v low
Nicole Wright, Viola

2018 Sam Marchan Viola v low
Sam Marchan, Viola

2018 Benjamin Larsen Cello v low
Benjamin Larsen, Cello

2018 Genevieve Chapin Bass v low
Genevieve Chapin, Bass