The Gala Concert Reconcile the Two Nations ? 

Was the reconciliation made?
Well, the things are not so easy. After all these 70 years people of the two nations have been trying to overcome the problems between them. Then, all the animosity is gone? Victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are happy now? Victims' family of Pearl Harbor already forgot the "sneaky?" attack? NO WAY!
What was left in Japan after Tokyo Tribunal of War Criminals and the current Constitution imposed by the USA? The impact was so huge that the period of 70 years is not enough to solve all these problems. We all know it.
We all know, however, that the relationship between Japan and the USA is much better (and could be an ideal example in a way) than those of other two nations around the world. It is well matured and can be proud of to the rest of the world. We share the same sense of values and give high respect to each others' culture, history, tradition, mentality and the way of thinking.
Yet, it is still long way to go to the stage where we can say "we understand each other very well". It is only the beginning, but we must keep tightening the bond of our alliance to protect what we have achieved so far and what we believe as we know there are a number of crazy people and nations who are trying to challenge them and willing to destroy for their own ego.

The audience loved the concert and the great performance by Japan Choral Harmony "TOMO" as well as Manhattan Symphonie Orchestra. Finlandia, Kusunoki, Ave Maria by Caccini, Gloria by Vivaldi, and so on. They are all awesome.