The Second 9.11 “Circle Wind” Memorial Concert Is Coming Soon! 

The second annual 9.11 “Circle Wind” Memorial Concert will be held at New York Society for Ethical Culture (NYSEC) Concert Hall on September 11, 2009. Once again we will welcome a number of music artists who are active in New York City.

This concert is planned in dedication to the 9.11 victims and performed in front of their families. Some of them are coming from Japan. The second concert this year will be held at NYSEC in midtown Manhattan right west of Central Park. The hall is well known as a venue with superb sound effect. Again we should be able to enjoy a variety of professional music that will be performed by both US and Japanese artists. Some of the Japanese artists, a flutist, Ms. Fukui and a reggae singer, Miki Baby, are coming from Japan. A baritone soloist, Mr. Lawrence Craig, will perform this year again. A popular rock guitarist/singer, Peter Baron, and a barbershop style quartet consisted of members from Blue Chip Barbershop Chorus in NJ are newly joining this year. In addition to above American artists, we will enjoy performances by a Japanese jazz pianist, a violinist and a gospel choir in Harlem.
A song “I am with you still” which is composed by a victim’s father will be sung by the gospel choir “Cocolo” in a gospel style arrangement.

September 11 is a special day for those who live in New York. This is a concert where we can share the moment and enjoy some beautiful and peaceful music with some of the victim’s families. We look forward to seeing you there at 7.00pm on 9.11.

More information: (212)661-3767 or (201)264-5825
Ticket : $10.-
Online Purchase : www.SQMUS.com