2nd Hasekura Cup Will Take Place in Japan ! 


The 1st Hasekura Cup was successfully held as the first project by Japon-Hasekura Supporting Association (JHSA) in 2019. It appointed 23 junior youth players of Cobaltore Onagawa as the Heisei's last Japon-Hasekura delegates to Spain for 10 days from March 29. Onagawa was one of the most affected areas by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami where 827 died out of 10,014 residents. This club is a ray of hope for the town. The club's U15 team played against Real Betis U15 and CF Coria U15 for the 1st Hasekura Cup. They did home-stay at Japon's residents in Coria and refreshed their 400 year old relationship.

In the summer 2019, more than 20 Japon-sans visited Japan from Coria as Reiwa's first Japon-Hasekura delegation to further strengthen their historical bonds between Seville/Coria and Sendai/Ishinomaki/Onagawa, or Japan and Spain. JHSA supported their visit to Hasekura related area in Miyagi Prefecture. During the trip, Mr. Juan Carlos Palma Japon got married to Ms. Yolanda Mellando in Sendai. The couple was celebrated by a number of Japanese friends, including Mr. Masataka Hasekura, the 14th descendant of Hasekura Tsunenaga, as their acting guardian of the wedding ceremony which was carried out at the most prestigious venue "Shozan Kan" in Sendai. The ceremony was nationally broadcasted by mainstream TV stations.

JHSA now believes that a series of Hasekura Cup program should be held in a home & away style under the circumstances of following favorable developments:

Hasekura League Concept - This is originally the idea of Mr. Modesto Gonzalez, Mayor of Coria del Rio, to establish a friendship league (alliance) among the Hasekura-related cities through not only musical and sport activities but also tourism, economical, educational and academic activities.
New Stadium in Onagawa - Onagawa town is building a new stadium to accommodate 5,000 people that will be qualified for J3 category games in Japan Football League. It will be completed in 2021.
Announcement of Victory Over Covid-19 - The deadly flu occurred in Wuhan, China now spreads all over the world. Especially the death toll in Spain and Italy is serious. The crisis is hopefully concurred by the year 2022 and this global event by the soccer boys should represent a significant announcement of victory against the pandemic.
400 Year Anniversary of Tsunenaga's Death - The year 2022 is the 400th anniversary since Tsunenaga's death. Organizing and carrying out such a goodwill event to commemorate the anniversary will be another good reason to support.

Now, the 2nd Hasekura Cup is proposed to take place in the following manner (provisional):

Purpose: Soccer boys unite together from the devastated areas by Covid-19 and Great East Japan Tsunami to establish friendship and develop the Hasekura League Concept by playing soccer together.

Date : July 23, 2022

Place: New stadium in Onagawa ( to be completed in 2021)

Teams :
CF Coria, Real Betis from Spain
Calcio 1920 from Italy
Club team representing Sendai, Ishinomaki, Kawasaki cho and Osato cho respetively
Host team : Cobaltore Onagawa

Budget : 20 Million Yen

Organized by Cobaltore Onagawa