Fantastic ! Good Job ! 

It was just fantastic !
Fukushima Mothers Chorus did a very good job. Their voices inspired the full-house audience of Carnegie Hall with their indomittable spirit and "never give up" determination to recover from the devastation of Fukushima 2 years ago.
We are so grateful that they came over all the way from Fukushima with their mission to deliver their voice to world with so much appreciation for the help.
We appreciate Ms. Madoka Mayuzumi, a renowned haiku poet, who initiated this special concert by inviting Mike Shirota, concert director of 9.11 Circle Wind Memorial Concert one year ago to the annual meeting/concert of Fukushima Mothers Chorus Association.
We have to also thank Harmony Celebration Chorus, Manhattan Symphonie Orchestra, New York Ikuei Academy Chorus to have participated the concert to make it so meaningful and fruitful. The member of Japan Choral Harmony, TOMO did a wonderful job as a host of the concert.
Ms. Kaoriko Kuge, FCI caster, was fantastic again as a master of ceremony. Without her, we could not receive such a wonderful feedback and applause from the audience.

Please visit the concert website (linked from the left-hand bar) to go to the photo gallery of the concert. The concert DVD will soon be available.